Ordnance Survey National Geographic Database (OS NGD)

A single store of all our authoritative data for Great Britain

What is the OS NGD?

The OS NGD is a single store of all Ordnance Survey’s authoritative data for Great Britain. The OS NGD delivers the richer data you need for better analysis and our download service, OS Select+Build, makes it easier to find, package and analyse the data you need, such as address and building data for emergency planning.

Data that works for you

With so much location data at your fingertips, we’ve made it easy for you to discover with a simple structure of themes, collections and feature types.

Preview data from the OS NGD and use OS Select+Build to download some of our sample data to get a flavour of what you could achieve.

Access OS NGD sample data

Access our support and technical information

Visit the OS NGD Documentation Platform to get more information about how OS NGD data is structured, core principles, getting started information including videos and stylesheets, and code lists.

What’s new in the OS NGD?

We are regularly adding new data to the OS NGD as part of a scheduled roadmap for development. Find out about our latest releases and what’s coming soon.

"OS NGD contains excellent data which is easy to understand and interpret in GIS, complimented by good instructions."

Nick George, Torfaen County Borough Council

How OS NGD data is structured

OS NGD data is different from our other products because it is accessed from one single source where you can find the data you need without having to download whole datasets. It also has a simpler data structure, designed to help answer questions, and develop more intelligent solutions, with quicker loading and implementation.

Geographic data of Great Britain is structured into nine themes. Each theme is made up of one or more collections, which in turn have feature types. And if you just need specific features within a collection, for example Organisation Name within Built Address, OS Select+Build and the OS NGD API - Features allow you to access only this data.

Discoverable data

The OS NGD data structure and categorisation makes the data you need easy to search, find and analyse.

Easy access

OS Select+Build lets you download just the data you need; OS NGD APIs provide online access via OGC standards.


The data you rely on for crucial analysis, delivered with daily updates.

Improved connectivity

The OS NGD makes it easier than ever before to link, share, and analyse our data.

Access OS NGD data via the OS Data Hub

PSGA members and OS Partners can get direct access to the OS NGD through the OS Data Hub using our new download service OS Select+Build, OS NGD API – Features and the new OS NGD API - Tiles.

OS Select+Build and OS NGD APIs are available through the Public Sector Plan and Premium Plan on the OS Data Hub through the existing pricing and licencing frameworks for each plan.

NGD field boundaries

"Using OS Select+Build for OS NGD data has really improved the process of ordering necessary data."

Robert Shaw, NHS England

OS NGD products

  • OS Select+Build

    Simple and direct access to the OS National Geographic Database (OS NGD). Source the data you want direct from the OS NGD and get a customised view of GB.

  • OS NGD API – Features

    Perform powerful geospatial analysis. Filter the data to receive exactly what you need, as and when you need it.

  • OS NGD API – Tiles

    Create beautiful, responsive, and interactive vector maps powered by the OS National Geographic Database (OS NGD).