Cyclist completes epic ride of all 204 OS Landranger maps in numerical order

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Cyclist Mark Wedgwood has cycled the length and breadth of Great Britain on an unusual route – by journeying through every single one of all 204 OS Landranger Maps one after another.

Mark’s incredible challenge saw him start with OS Landranger Map 1 at the top of Shetland, and he now has only seven to go as he pedals towards the bottom of Cornwall to complete OS Landranger Map 204.

The challenge, which has taken months of planning, has never been done before.

Mark said: “I’ve always loved maps and I’ve always owned Ordnance Survey maps. They were always in the house that I grew up in. I’ve been fascinated by them – much more interesting than books I always thought when I was growing up.

“The 1:50k OS Landranger were the ones I saw on the map of Britain when the idea came to me. They are the right number and the right number of miles (7,000) to fit into the six good months of cycling you get in Britain each year.

“Once I had the idea I couldn’t let it go.”

One of his highlights was how special it was to be cycling along at 11pm on a summer night in the Scottish Highlands while the sun was still shining.

“You feel very small in a very big landscape,” he said.

“I won’t forget doing that – but then again every map contains something worth seeing and every map is special in its own way.”

Mark, who embarked on the journey after an unexpected early retirement, swung his bike past Explorer House – OS HQ – where he was flanked by members of the OS cycling club who wanted to share some of the route with him.

Mark also got the chance to see all of the OS Landranger Maps laid out one-by-one to show the vast distance he’d travelled for the challenge.

He said: “I’ve got a handful left to do now, so it’s tantalisingly close to the end.”

Mark added he was taking breaks due to poor weather but still hoped he could get the challenge completed before Christmas.

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