How does OS keep data safe in a complex online world?

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As a trusted custodian of nationally critical important data – relied on by crucial public and private services – we need to make sure our information security is highly developed. Which is why we have robust controls and procedures to keep data secure for our customers and stakeholders. Especially in a rapidly evolving digital world, where cybercrime is on the rise and becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Did you know?

We’re now fully certified to industry leading information security standard ISO 27001, which means our information security management systems (ISMS) are designed, managed, and continually improved to the highest international standards. For our customers and stakeholders, it means we have the right people, policies and technology in place to care for the data you depend on.

What's involved?

More specifically it entails:

  • A systematic review of information security risks
  • The implementation of comprehensive set of risk based information security controls
  • A management process to ensure that the information security controls continue to meet needs on an ongoing basis

And the bigger picture?

A key part of our approach to information security is making sure we’re ready to respond to new and emerging cybersecurity threats, and we work closely with cybersecurity experts across the public and private sectors to stay risk-aware. Indeed, this is one of the main principles of ISO 27001 the effective use of risk to determine the appropriate controls. At OS we have embodied this principle to ensure that we have the right controls in place. We also ensure that security is embedded into everyone’s day job, be that data scientists or developers.

Getting the basics of security right across OS is critical to protecting our colleagues, assets, and information, to help achieve our vision of being recognised as trusted world leaders in geospatial services.

"ISO 27001 certification allows us to provide our customers with the assurance that we have the right controls in place to effectively identify and manage information security risks."

Peter Smith, OS Chief Information Security Officer

From our complex data infrastructure to the simplest day-to-day task, we’re passionate about developing the right information security skills, knowledge, and culture at every level of OS – and sharing that with our customers and stakeholders. As a world leading geospatial business, the scale, variety, and importance of the data we provide is unique, and information security is embedded into everything we do. 

By Peter Smith

OS Chief Information Security Officer