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The need for certainty in addressing: improving efficiency, accuracy and competitive advantage

In the coming weeks we are exploring the power of addressing, and address-based data.

Having access to the most accurate address data, and within the shortest timeframe, is a valuable asset for numerous organisations, especially those in the logistics, financial, and property sectors. Recent events, the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, has led to dramatic shifts in processes and consumer behaviours, and made this need for address data even more crucial. 

Transport & Logistics

The effects of Brexit and Covid-19 have had a significant impact on consumer behaviour. Use of online shopping has risen dramatically, demand continues to increase, and newly emerging entrants into the sector are driving intense competition. To remain competitive and successful, transport and delivery organisations need to achieve customer satisfaction, and drive profitability. To achieve that, they need relevant information on addressing, properties, precise location, local road issues, and any access that will impact deliveries.

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Financial Services

Britain’s property market boomed in the pandemic, thanks to pent-up demand and a desire for more space amid increased home working. Demand is rising and prices are rising with it, but banks and building societies cannot rush into negotiations with customers on mortgage or loan agreements. The financial sector must perform stress testing, to understand the risk the economy faces from climate change (for example, flooding creates a high likelihood of mortgage default and so is a major category of risk).

Banks and building societies cannot afford to make irresponsible lending decisions – neither for themselves, or consumers and business clients. Irresponsible lending could lead to mortgage defaults, which in turn can have significant impact on banks, households, and the economy in general. In these circumstances, lenders need far higher levels of decision-making certainty. Risk assessment requires data, but the solution is not that simple. Information on individual properties is often incomplete and inaccurate, which can only lead to additional uncertainty and risk. Banks and lenders are under pressure to make quick decisions on transactions now taking place online, instead of on the high street. This requires certainty of location and addressing at the click of a button.

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Land & Property

The property sector is undergoing huge change in this new, post-lockdown world. As employers and employees adjust to working from home more often, many businesses are closing down and selling their offices. The rental market is expanding, as commercial buildings are converted to residential use, and competition between property realtors and lenders increases. To stay ahead, these organisations need the ability to make fast decisions and serve their customers with as short a turnaround time as possible.

Realtors and lenders, and other stakeholders such as asset or portfolio managers, must also be ready for the introduction of updated safety regulations. They need access to broader insights via integration with multiple datasets to gain unparalleled context of risk (flood, subsidence, mine shafts, UXB, contamination, SSSI) and fraud. The land and property landscape is underpinned by growing political pressure to build the right houses, in the right places.

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United by addressing data

The common denominator across all these sectors: each of them require access to quick, accurate, and granular geospatial data. Data that can help them make informed decisions; that can help speed up processes; that can help them to stay competitive in fast-paced markets. Geospatial and addressing data gives certainty to make the right decisions at the right time, leading to greater customer satisfaction.