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OS Downloads API

Save valuable time by automating the discovery and download of detailed OS data.


Automate your downloads of OS data

The OS Downloads API lets you script and automate your downloads of OS OpenData and OS Premium data. This can be a huge time saver and make your data pipelines more efficient.

Frictionless open data

Anybody can use the OS Downloads API to discover what OS OpenData products are available. Check which coverage and formats are available before downloading, all without needing an API key.

Download detailed Premium data

The OS Downloads API can also be used to download Premium data packages that you've licensed. This can reduce your data management overheads and increase your time to value.

Available from the OS Data Hub

It's free to get started with the OS Downloads API and anyone can access OS OpenData. If you're on a Premium or Public Sector Plan you can also use it to automate your Premium data downloads.

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Manually fetching large datasets can be time-consuming. With OS Downloads API you can improve the efficiency of finding and downloading data, automating elements of your data pipeline. It's designed to be flexible and work with many different tools and libraries. Additional metadata about each product ensures you have the right data for your needs.

Easy to access and easy to use

Easy to access and easy to use

If you need to build your own OS data download tool you can use OS Downloads API as a building block and develop your own interface on top. The metadata includes the names, descriptions and also thumbnail images for every OS OpenData product. The API is easy to access via the OS Data Hub and easy to use. 

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Data structure

Dependant on the product downloaded


Dependent on the product downloaded

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Dependent on the product downloaded


British National Grid (EPSG: 27700)


99.9% uptime


Access via the OS Data Hub


Great Britain