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OS MasterMap Greenspace - Layer

OS MasterMap® Greenspace - Layer is Britain’s most comprehensive greenspace dataset covering urban areas across England, Scotland and Wales.

Greenspaces in urban areas

The OS MasterMap Greenspace - Layer dataset has been designed for the public sector, it shows accessible and non-accessible greenspaces in urban areas, helping to support a wider set of government initiatives around health and the environment.

Sustainable service delivery

As Britain’s most comprehensive and up to date dataset of urban greenspaces, it can be used to support efficiencies in service deliveries, investments and policy creation where use of such greenspaces is a factor.

Environmental management

It can help you manage the local green environment, including air quality, biodiversity, housing regeneration and flood resilience.

Powering policies

Use OS MasterMap Greenspace - Layer to support policy interventions around health and wellbeing though the promotion of increased physical activity and improved mental health.

Natural Capital

Natural Capital

The OS MasterMap Greenspace - Layer dataset comprises of topographic areas published in OS MasterMap Topography Layer, with additional greenspace-specific attribution to describe their function. It includes both publicly accessible and private green spaces, sports facilities and natural environment features

The availability of OS Greenspace data was a key enabler of our ParkPower programme

The availability of OS Greenspace data was a key enabler of our ParkPower programme

Many imagine our towns and cities to be predominantly grey spaces made up of buildings, roads and other ‘hard’ areas.

The OS MasterMap Greenspace - Layer dataset has played a fundamental role in dispelling this myth, demonstrating that over 60% of cities like Edinburgh and Aberdeen are, in fact, greenspace.

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Technical specification
Key FeaturesWhat this product offers
FormatGML, Esri Shape file
Data structurePolygons
AttributesMasterMap TOID, TOID version, Greenspace functions and form
Update frequencySix monthly (April & October)
SupplyDownload only
CoverageUrban areas within Great Britain

How to get this product

Sample data

Give it a try

Download a small area of OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer sample data.

Or you can apply for a Data Exploration Licence to try out the real thing.

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