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OS MasterMap Greenspace layer

OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer is Britain’s most comprehensive greenspace dataset covering urban areas across England, Scotland and Wales.

Britain’s most comprehensive dataset of urban greenspaces provides accurate and up-to-date information to support efficient service delivery, policy-making and investment, plus effective and creative cross-sector partnerships.

It can help you manage the local green environment, including air quality, biodiversity, housing regeneration and flood resilience.

As well as support policy interventions around health and wellbeing though the promotion of increased physical activity and improved mental health.

ONS and Defra using Greenspace data – UK natural capital accounts for urban areas

OS Greenspace mapping, in cohesion with property information, will be used as an essential tool in the valuation of natural capital in urban environments within the UK. It will enable the identification of a variety of different greenspaces and provide information on their extent, function and accessibility. This will be used to measure ecosystem services provided by nature and green areas.

Glasgow & Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership using Greenspace data

As part of the Green Network Blueprint, OS Greenspace mapping is being used to create a regional masterplan to guide delivery of a high quality and multifunctional green network to facilitate the movement of people between and around communities across the Glasgow City Region. Greenspace mapping is being used to assess current provision and gaps in each of the 270 connections which make up the Blueprint wireframe.


Technical specification
Key FeaturesWhat this product offers
FormatGML, Esri Shape file
Data structurePolygons
AttributesMasterMap TOID, TOID version, Greenspace functions and form
Update frequencySix monthly (April & October)
SupplyDownload only
CoverageUrban areas within Great Britain


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