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AddressBase Core Support

AddressBase® Core provides you with a simple to use, plug and play product, covering Great Britain address information.

Getting started

The AddressBase product family is made up of the following products: 

  • AddressBase 
  • AddressBase Core 
  • AddressBase Plus 
  • AddressBase Premium
  • AddressBase Plus - Islands
  • AddressBase Premium – Islands

Getting started guide (PDF)

Use our getting started guide to gain an understanding of how to use, load and implement the products.

Product guide

This Product Guide is an introduction to AddressBase Core and provides information on the main features and creation process.

Technical information

AddressBase Core technical specification (PDF)

Use this technical specification document to understand the technical aspects of AddressBase Core.

Government Statistical Services Codes (ZIP)

The Government Statistical Services code is a nine character unique identifier for each local authority maintained by the Office for National Statistics.

AddressBase Core classification codes (ZIP)

A list of codes which describe the type of address contained within AddressBase Core.

AddressBase Core

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