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AddressBase Premium support

AddressBase Premium is an addressing gazetteer offering full lifecycle information of a property that can be used within geographical information systems (GIS) and database systems.

Getting started

The AddressBase product family is made up of the following products:

  • AddressBase
  • AddressBase Core
  • AddressBase Plus
  • AddressBase Premium
  • AddressBase Plus - Islands
  • AddressBase Premium – Islands

Getting Started Guide (PDF)

Use our Getting Started Guide and Product Guide to understand the full capabilities of our AddressBase Premium product.

Product Guide (PDF)

This Product Guide is an introduction to the AddressBase suite of products and provides information on all three products, their main features and creation process.

Release note (PDF)

This release note provides information about the latest release of the AddressBase products.

Technical information

AddressBase Premium technical specification (PDF)

Use this technical specification document to understand the technical aspects of AddressBase Premium.

AddressBase classification codes (zip)

Includes the AddressBase Premium Classification Scheme codes and descriptions, as well as the VOA Primary and Special Category codes and descriptions.

AddressBase Premium

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