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Code-Point Open support

Code-Point Open provides geographical coordinates for all of the 1.8 million postcode units in England, Scotland and Wales.

Getting started

The source of data to create Code-Point has changed from Address-Point® to the Postal Address Location Feed (PALF) from Geoplace. This has resulted in a more granular capture of address points, to two decimal places.

You will notice that some of the address points have moved, generally by less than 1 metre. This is a one-off change because of the change in feeds.

User guide (PDF)

Code-Point is recreated quarterly using updates from Ordnance Survey field surveys and addressing data.

Release note (PDF)

Technical information

Use this guide to help you with Code-Point Open.

Technical specification (PDF)

This technical specification was updated in November 2019.


Code-Point Open

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