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OS Open Zoomstack support

Support and technical information on how to produce a detailed map that allows users to zoom in and out with fast-rendering results.

Getting started

OS Open Zoomstack provides a single, customisable basemap of Great Britain, at whichever scale you want to use.

Getting Started guide (PDF)

The instructions in our Getting Started guide shows you how to produce a feature-rich map that allows users to zoom in and out while being served high quality, fast-rendering results.

Getting started with GeoPackage (PDF)

This guide helps you to get started using GeoPackage - a lightweight format that can contain large amounts of complex data in a single, easy to distribute and ready to use file.

Technical information

OS Open Zoomstack is one map, in one file that can be used for GIS, web, mobile or for offline use.

Technical specification (PDF)

This document supports the Open Zoomstack Getting Started Guide and provides you with detailed technical information relating to the product.


OS Open Zoomstack

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