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Points of Interest support

Points of Interest classifies 4 million places and real-world features in Great Britain by their use and function in a 3-tier hierarchy, also providing their postal address or location.

Getting started

Points of Interest is a dataset containing around four million different geographic features, supplied with location, functional information and addresses where possible.

User guide (PDF)

This user guide describes the main features of the data, suggests how customers can use the data and explains how the data are supplied.

Classification scheme (PDF)

Customers can select Points of Interest from the complete classification or from any combination of group and/or category.

Points of Interest is a data product and does not include software for analysis, but can be used with a variety of programs and applications.

Technical Specification (PDF)

Use this technical specification document to understand the technical aspects of Points of Interest.

Points of Interest class count (PDF)

This document lists all Points of Interest Classes and their record counts.


Points of Interest

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