We’re Addland. And we Bring Land To Life. Our platform makes land information visible and accessible to all, and helps you understand the true potential of any plot.

Meet the Partner

We make land information visible and accessible to everyone. Whether you’re looking at Rural, Agricultural, Development, Environmental or Residential land, we're the only platform where you can find and research it at the same time. We enable complete site assessment to understand the true potential of any plot.

We make it easy to find, research, buy or sell land through innovative digital tools that are revolutionising the sector. A unique answer to the challenges facing owners, buyers, developers and agents of land, our platform brings land to life by simplifying the complex and time-consuming way we view land. Accessed through an advanced map-based interface, our overlays visualise the impact on each plot and is powered by trusted source including HM Land Registry, Environment Agency and Ordnance Survey.

How they can help you

Addland lets you find, research, buy or sell land from a single destination. Once you identify a plot of interest, you can undertake due diligence and determine whether it’s right for your needs. And rather than viewing each consideration in isolation you can overlay them together for the full picture.

You’ll find:

  • Boundary details
  • Land considerations
  • Ownership data
  • Planning applications
  • Valuation comparables
  • Agricultural classifications
  • Terrain heatmaps

Plus, there's complete visualisation of a wide range of land considerations from AONB and Green Belt, Ancient Woodlands, Scheduled Monuments and Listed Buildings, through to Public Rights of Way, SSSI, Nature Reserves, SACs and SPAs. Our service also provides integrated measuring tools enabling you to check the point-to-point distances, perimeter and area sizes of each plot.


"Addland has become an invaluable tool for Charterhouse, particularly for site searching exercises and appraisals. It has a wide variety of data layers which – whilst being detailed – are easy to navigate, and a ‘Land Report’ which helpfully provides a synopsis for each title."

Maddi Simpson, Charterhouse Strategic Land

"Addland helps us appraise sites more quickly and more accurately. By clearly displaying a range of potential constraints on development, we’ve been able to rapidly identify which sites are worth pursuing - and the Land Registry data makes it easy to contact landowners too. It’s worth every penny. Now we’ve used it, we wouldn’t go back."

Paul Smith, Strategic Land Group

"Addland is an incredibly helpful tool for any land and property professional. The Professional membership unlocks current as well as historic planning detail, ownership info and topographical overlays, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for this platform as it is ever-improving."

Emma Paske, Integrated Land Management