Addresscloud's award-winning platform provides leading insurers with APIs and applications to make better underwriting decisions.

Meet the Partner

 From capturing an accurate address to pre-filling quotation forms, understanding peril and climate risk and avoiding expensive accumulation issues, Addresscloud has a solution to fit.

If you are an insurer looking for support with address matching, geocoding or geographic risk assessment in the UK and Ireland please reach out to our team who would be happy to help.

How they can help you

Our Match API supports the AddressBase product suite. Our Intelligence API can provide information on a property using OS MasterMap Topography data.

Their partnership with OS

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We work together to help customers extract the value of our world class location data through innovative geospatial services and solutions.


"We have utilised Addresscloud’s powerful API Platform to revolutionise our digital trading capability launching a full cycle end to end platform. Using geocoding data delivered by Addresscloud, risk locations and our exposures of any size can be covered within an instant."

Alan Brett, Product Development Lead at Inperio

"We have seen a significant uplift in speed, match rates and saved money but most importantly my team no longer need to manage a geocoding solution. It just works!"

GeoRisk Lead, RSA

"Higher address matching rates and faster processing will make it easier and quicker for insurers to identify which properties are eligible to be ceded, improving the uptake and efficiency of the scheme."

CEO, Flood Re

"There’s a lot of questions asked in Home insurance quotes and some of them can be pretty tricky, the Addresscloud data and services really help us deliver a better service for our customers."

Head of Home Insurance Product, Compare the Market

"Addresscloud’s API approach for delivering data means our customers can benefit from more accurate pricing."

CEO, Integra

"Addresscloud has been able to deliver highly accurate address and perils data that has allowed us to set the benchmark for our industry in taking a true data science approach to underwriting."

Head of Underwriting, Eaton Gate