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AFD Software Ltd The Postcode People at AFD Software help organisations across a wide range of industries find, validate and cleanse customer contact data.

Meet the Partner

The Postcode People at AFD Software help organisations across a wide range of industries find, validate and cleanse customer contact data. AFD’s highly experienced teams are specialists in address and location validation and cleansing solutions.

For over 37 years, the company have helped thousands of organisations overcome their challenges by listening to their specific pains and providing the right solutions. From enterprise-level systems validating millions of addresses through to online checkouts for start-ups, AFD’s solutions are delivering real outcomes by processing billions of requests each year.

Software provides efficient and affordable addressing software to small and large users across the UK. Its products offer a unique combination of more data, faster searching, greater functionality and lower cost.

AFD’s solutions include:

  • Address validation and cleansing – address accuracy saves time and money, ensuring excellent service, customer retention, duplicate prevention, analysis, enhanced reputation and more profitable business performance.
  • Geolocation lookup – allowing accurate address information to be entered with one touch or button press.
  • Property Level Geocoding – preventing deliveries failing due to drivers struggling to find the right delivery address.
  • Property Classification – enabling better deliveries planning by logistics companies through knowing the property classification e.g. Commercial, Office, Residential (e.g. if a driver reaches an address with a Commercial classification at 7pm there is a higher chance the delivery will fail and have to be rearranged).
  • Routing – accurate addressing is essential for organisations in the Logistics and Distribution sector as it keeps costs down and helps the environment through reduced journeys. Matching a customer to a validated address with property level grids minimises failed deliveries and wasting driver time.
  • Distance Calculations.

How they can help you

If you have challenges around contact and location data accuracy, AFD’s highly experienced consultants can help you find the right solution. Helping logistics and delivery companies – using AFD software, thousands of organisations save up to 80% of the time taken to type an address, and ensure accuracy, reducing customer complaints and helping to deliver excellent customer service.

Major household names in the insurance sector rely on the accuracy of their customer data – over one third of all UK insurance quotations reference AFD solutions. These can improve and manage the address data essential to and policy and risk systems. Trusted by over 190 colleges and 90 universities in the UK, AFD has helped organisations solve their data issues, and ensure correct leaner data, for over 35 years.

In the legal sector, AFD supports major solicitor firms – including Sintons, Irwin Mitchel and MTA Solicitors – with getting client details right, ensuring legally binding timeframes and processes are not impacted by inaccurate data or an inability to contact witnesses.

AFD software provide Address Quality + Management across the following industry groups: Land, Property and Agriculture; Banking, Finance and Insurance; Public Sector and Health; Consumer and Leisure; Retail and Hospitality; Data Hosting and Business Services; Transportation and Logistics.

AFD works with Mid-sized and Enterprise customers. The cost varies on use case and range of products taken, with some solutions starting as low as £1,000 per annum, which then grows to six figures.

Their partnership with OS

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We work together to help customers extract the value of our world class location data through innovative geospatial services and solutions.


"We have used AFD since 2011 for our online address capture of guests booking to visit the Park. In those eleven years, the solution has consistently delivered validation of visitor addresses entered during the checkout process. This Geolocation enhancement further improves our customers experience."

Rob Lee, Digital Specialist at Paultons Park