Twinn by Royal HaskoningDHV (formerly known as Ambiental Risk Analytics)

Twinn brings together Royal HaskoningDHV’s portfolio of leading software and data solutions including recognised brands like Ambiental, Aquasuite, Lanner, and Smart Mooring. Twinn provides physical climate risk assessment and global climate data and analytics for multiple industries, as well as a range of other decision intelligence solutions.

Meet the Partner

Ambiental Risk Analytics, a global specialist in environmental hazard intelligence, predictive analytics, and risk management, was acquired by Royal HaskoningDHV in 2019 and is now part of the Twinn brand. Its climate risk modelling has a long-established and proven track record in climate resilience, vulnerability, and risk assessment solutions for financial services. Banks, insurers, investment firms, real estate and asset managers use Twinn’s data and insights to understand the climate risks for specific locations – based on today’s risk profile and into the future for different time periods and climate scenarios. Insurance and reinsurance companies get detailed risk ratings and supplementary information needed to understand and price risk appropriately, avoid adverse claims and manage over-aggregation of risks.

Twinn brings together Royal HaskoningDHV’s portfolio of leading software and data solutions. It builds further on Royal HaskoningDHV’s deep domain expertise to provide digital solutions across multiple sectors. These solutions help organisations to understand the complex interplay across their physical and digital worlds. They provide actionable insights and help manage opportunities and risks to make better informed strategic and operational decisions. Twinn by Royal HaskoningDHV. Better decisions today for a sustainable tomorrow.

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How they can help you

Twinn’s own purpose-built, high-precision climate change data, Climate Risk Score, incorporates the latest OS data including all versions of AddressBase from Premium to AddressBase Core for the UK. We offer different licence structures, ranging from full corporate licences, to limited user licences and transactional pricing.

Climate Risk Score can be accessed as a full or partial database or via API or online portal. Twinn incorporates all relevant data updates into its solution. It also works with OS MasterMap data to deliver enhanced geospatial information to its customers. This includes features such as property extents and distance to key geographical points, locations, and features. OS mapping data is also at the heart of Twinn’s modelling processes and provides crucial insights into land-based features to inform certain hazard modelling parameters.

Twinn collaborates with customers in a diverse range of industries including insurance, banking, government, utilities, land and property, and supply chain and logistics.

Their partnership with OS

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We share OS Know-How with our Partners, helping them to grow their commercial offer whilst feeding back into the OS product and development roadmap too.


"Working in partnership with Twinn, we have fundamentally changed the mortgage market's understanding of flood risk exposure."

Graeme Gillespie, Head of Pre-sales Consultancy at Hometrack

"Enhancing our TCFD (Task force on Climate related Financial Disclosures) offering with Twinn Flood Map and Twinn Flood Score data for the UK will help our clients there to fully understand their risk to flood exposure."

Sarah Middlemiss, COO, Ecometrica

"Developing a climate solution to satisfy the Bank of England requirements was a natural extension to the services we already offer Skipton and other mortgage lenders."

Ed Burgess, Strategic Manager, Rightmove Data Services

"We’ve now assembled over 2tn data items in one place and can provide all the property attribute, topological, geospatial, environmental, risk, peril, valuations, market, and climate data."

Mark Cunningham, CEO at WhenFresh

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Case studies:

Discover how financial service firms are using Twinn’s Climate Intelligence Suite to navigate climate risk complexity in an efficient and compliant way – now and into the future.