Anquet Technology Ltd

Anquet Maps have been building digital mapping systems since 2001.

Meet the Partner

This latest version of Outdoor Map Navigator was built with the help of our customers, concentrating on usability and consistency across Android, PC, macOS, and iOS to allow users to learn the system once and quickly move between computers without having to relearn everything. Although you have an entire route editing system on your phone or tablet, having access to the same tools on your PC or Mac will make your route planning much easier due to the larger screen.

How they can help you

We provide easy to use mapping focusing on the outdoors for walkers, cyclists, mountain rescue, etc.

We mainly work in the B2C market offering our apps on iOS, Android, PC and macOS to end users. We also supply schools and businesses.

We specialise in outdoor mapping solutions, along with GPS integration.

We deliver solutions to end users, schools all the way up to large construction companies.

Our B2C pricing is on our website at Business pricing is due to licensing very different. We also offer bespoke alterations to our software for end users, and this work is costed once a specification is known.


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