Centremaps is an established provider of digital and paper mapping, with a background in topographical, measured building and underground services surveying where data capture and information accuracy is critical.

Meet the Partner

Centremaps’ online portal allows instant access to all scales of OS mapping, imagery and height data alongside further content and reports from a range of UK suppliers. The company also offers access to content as services whether for your internal use or in providing your own solutions.

Centremaps aims to make accessing data simple and fast and are always happy to offer guidance whether it be the best format to choose or the accuracy or detail required. Centremaps also offers consultancy where you need more than just the data whether that be address cleansing or data capture (desktop or on site).

How they can help you

The CentremapsLive data portal provides an instantly accessible means to locate, view, license and download geospatial data in a range of formats across the UK.

It provides the definitive and most current datasets for the UK, offering both raw data and combined products, such as BGS geological mapping in a layered PDF document. Data ranges from detailed large-scale mapping through historical mapping to addressing, aerial imagery, height, geology, environmental, utility information and more with raw data or reports for specialisms such as environmental risk.

If greater currency or accuracy is required than is available off the shelf, they can create custom content such as 3D models, aerial imagery (drone or plane), height data or even full topographic / building / underground services surveys. Hosted solutions include mapping interfaces and APIs allowing location to be integrated into other systems such as CRMs. Mapping/imagery feeds are available for those looking to stream data into their GIS or other mapping interface; ensuring easy access to a regularly updated source and both open and licensed data sources.

Consultancy and custom services are also available, whether you require a custom mapping output or 3D render, some spatial analysis or just data manipulation to make information more accessible. Centremaps can assist you in locating and working with and incorporating datasets into your business processes.

Centremaps supports business across asset management, planning, land development, telecommunications, and energy.

The company provides solutions to suit a wide spectrum of clients from individuals requiring a planning map to digital content providers serving millions of customers. Prices range from £5 to £500,000.

Their partnership with OS

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Strategic Partner

We’re strategically important to each other and work closely together to be world leaders in geospatial services; creating location insight for positive impact. Together we deliver value to a range of customers across multiple sectors by sharing expertise and a working towards a shared vision for the future.


Centremaps provides consultancy to enhance the value gained from OS data, whether it be address cleaning or matching to creating estate maps for housing associations or capturing new content on the ground.

Its focus is always to deliver the level of detail and accuracy to solve the business challenge. Due to financial and timing constraints, this can often mean presenting a starting point as an achievable goal to resolve an immediate requirement with options to refine later when the benefits and expectations are more clearly defined.

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