Dye & Durham (UK) Limited

Dye & Durham Limited provides premier practice management solutions empowering legal professionals every day, delivers vital data insights to support critical corporate transactions and enables the essential payments infrastructure trusted by government and financial institutions.

Meet the Partner

Dye & Durham is the global leader in legal technology.

The company’s three categories of integrated solutions – practice management, data insights and due diligence, and client onboarding – give solicitors the essential tools they need to run their firms.

Our knowledge and expertise — after almost 150 years of providing solutions to the legal services industry — means we have a deep understanding of the challenges of a changing marketplace. Our products and services are designed to improve efficiency and increase productivity for business transactions and regulatory compliance for legal, financial and government service professionals. Everything we do focuses on improving the precision, confidence and rigour of our customers.

By standardising and automating workflows, we can provide greater operational efficiency and productivity. Our solutions help clients streamline processes, track progress and deliver best results by managing everything in one place. 

How they can help you

Dye & Durham UK is now one of the largest providers of property information services in England and Wales, allowing legal and business professionals access to an extensive network of data and insights related to: 

  • Environmental and flood
  • Local authority and land charges
  • Planning, drainage, and water
  • Mining and subsidence
  • Chancel liabilities, and much more.

Through our cloud-based platform and various products, customers can perform CQS standard searches, access Law Society forms and integrate with HMRC and HMLR.

Dye & Durham began investing in the UK in 2017 and has since built a portfolio of interlocking value-added services used today by thousands of solicitors across the country. The company has operations in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. Additional information can be found at www.dyedurham.com