Geoplan Spatial Intelligence Limited

At Geoplan, we deliver world-class geographic information solutions, that will improve business performance.

Meet the Partner

Geoplan delivers world-class geographic information solutions, that will improve business performance through a range of mapping software, designed to operate in online, mobile and desktop environments, on a global scale.

Geoplan is an expert provider of location analysis for business planning, offering a wide range of products and services, from GIS data, to highly sophisticated bespoke mapping software. These systems are underpinned by over 35 years’ experience in its chosen markets and a strong capability in GIS data sourcing, analysis, design and creation. Geoplan helps customers to optimise their field operations, anywhere in the world. The SKiN online mapping platform delivers strategic planning, implementation and customer communication, through a single system, supported by a company that provides exemplary personal service.

How they can help you

Geoplan products and services include mapping software, data and consultancy. The company’s primary focus is Distribution, Operations and Sales, After Sales and Site Location across a broad range of industry sectors. As part of its commitment to providing the most accurate, reliable and trusted mapping solutions on the market, Geoplan only designs, builds and updates data information from a solid base of Global data providers. Geoplan is primarily known for its long standing relationship with Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail in the creation and maintenance of industry leading UK Postcode geography products.

Solutions provided include:

  • Mapping software – Geoplan SKiN is a powerful cloud based global mapping platform for business analysis, offering a range of spatial data visualisation capabilities underpinned by powerful algorithms for site, territory and route optimisation.
  • Map data – Geoplan designs, builds and updates a range of datasets, with a focus on Postcode and administrative boundaries and demographic statistics for over 50 countries, worldwide, for use both within our SKiN mapping platform and other mapping tools.
  • Enterprise solutions – Geoplan can help optimise business performance through the provision of a range of services, including consultancy, data sourcing or assembly, integration with existing systems and custom application development.

Geoplan’s experience includes merchandising, pick-up and delivery, dealer network planning, QSR and retail runway assessment, sales, and service maintenance monitoring.

From simple "one off" mapping services to the creation of custom online mapping solutions and data, anywhere in the world – Geoplan has the products and services needed to move businesses of any size forwards.

Price ranges for standard solutions start at £50 per user, per month, extending to in excess of £1m per annum for enterprise level, mission critical systems.


"It has already made a significant contribution to TNT Express. Our business units are now able to proactively plan their routes, visualise times of peak activity and prepare accordingly; rather than reacting we can be pro-active in our activity."

Henk Hoorenborg, Global Programme Manager, TNT

"We are extremely happy with the Geoplan in-store delivery maps and are impressed with the quality of service that Geoplan provides." Tony Waddy, Store Delivery Manager – B&Q "We couldn't have asked for a better end result - we've reduced our costs as well as increased sales revenue through increased sales productivity. I would strongly recommend Geoplan to anyone."

Mark Clisby, Head of Commercial Marketing – Yell