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The smartest land use and property decisions rest on location intelligence from Groundsure.

Meet the Partner

Groundsure is a leading UK environmental and climate data authority. They give land and property professionals expert information on risks including land contamination, flooding and ground stability, as well as forward guidance on potential climate risks, to advise their clients in the transaction.

Groundsure began trading in 2001 in response to the growing need and evolving criteria for detailed environmental search reports and data in the UK. It now supports a range of individuals and businesses to make fully informed property transaction decisions including solicitors and homebuyers, as well as providing land use and environmental data to architects, surveyors and environmental consultants.

They provide high value, property-specific opinions and analysis of land use, turning complex environment and climate data into clear and simple insights. This enables their clients to make better informed land and property decisions and more positive outcomes for our climate-challenged society.

Groundsure is a Certified B Corporation – a group of just 1500 UK companies that place customers, staff, community and the environment at the heart of our decision making. 

How they can help you

Groundsure delivers the most up-to-date environmental data through partnerships with leading data, mapping and technology providers, as well as expert insight and opinion through IEMA-qualified environmental consultants.

Their products incorporate extensive geospatial datasets using a range of algorithms and expert interpretation, addressing headline property risks and providing clear answers with a high degree of certainty and assurance.

As well as essential geospatial information in an easy-to-use format, the reports are enhanced by data including historical land uses; landfill and waste sites; permits, licenses and other regulator records of potentially contaminative activity; geology; hydrogeology; hydrology; flooding; natural environmental hazards and areas of environmental sensitivity; all collected and curated from national, regional and local data providers.

They have also incorporated forward predictive climate modelling through their ClimateIndex analysis module to support client advice on climate risks that could affect the property or asset.

They also provide analysis and guidance on key transition risks including energy performance, flood resilience and improvement measures. These help homebuyers and businesses understand how investment in improving energy efficiency and flood prevention could improve asset values and support confident insurance and lending decisions. 

Their partnership with OS

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Strategic Partner

We’re strategically important to each other and work closely together to be world leaders in geospatial services; creating location insight for positive impact. Together we deliver value to a range of customers across multiple sectors by sharing expertise and a working towards a shared vision for the future.


"Groundsure has been our number one provider for environmental searches for over 15 years. And it’s been an easy choice through their continued dedication to providing the best possible products in a timely manner."

Ian Benger, Assured Searches

"I have had the chance to look through the Groundsure Insight and have to say I am very impressed. Looks the part, provides all the information you need as well as a competitive price."

Nicholas Biagetti, ENVO EHS Consulting