Ideal Postcodes

Ideal Postcodes is a trusted address solutions provider, offering validation, cleansing, data enrichment, rooftop geocoding tools and e-commerce integrations powered by a simple and fast API.

Meet the Partner

Ideal Postcodes is a trusted address solutions provider, offering validation, cleansing, data enrichment, rooftop geocoding tools and e-commerce integrations powered by a simple and fast API.

We provide the most complete, accurate and up-to-date location data to ensure you capture every addressable property. Our validation tools are also fully featured and customisable, allowing you filtering capabilities to narrow down address results, screen reader functionality to accommodate all user needs, and much more.

Our platform features are designed with developers and end users in mind, to offer a seamless experience for your integration set-up, account management and guidance through live developer support.

How they can help you

Ideal Postcodes address solutions and tools include the following features:

  • Address validation API and postcode lookup.
  • Search and validate UK addresses with a postcode, or receive address suggestions as you type using our typeahead functionality with a response time of less than 100ms. Address Finder will capture abbreviations and correct spelling errors using a state-of-the-art fuzzy matching algorithm.
  • Address database.
  • Request an address file to enrich, append and update your records with the most complete UK address data available.
  • Address cleansing.
  • Save time and the cost of manually fixing your address records by letting our address specialist cleanse your database and ensure all records are correctly formatted, accurate and up-to-date.
  • Rooftop accurate geocoding.
  • Access accurate geocoordinates for GB addresses, which is built into all our core products.
  • Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) data.
  • Access the UPRN for every location in Great Britain.

Ideal Postcodes offers UPRN data at no additional cost. With our tools, you can append UPRNs to your dataset, retrieve UPRNs with address validation or search by UPRN.

With address data being at the heart of most businesses now, our specialist area is in providing the comprehensive address datasets to the entire marketplace. We have clients from every industry sector and would not lean towards one individual area.

We work with developers, teams and individuals across small businesses and start-ups through to public and FTSE 100 organisations. Our platform, pricing, customer support and address tools are built to support and suit your needs as you scale your business.

With us providing the scalable Saas service to all types of business, we don't have one individual price to reference; the service can be used at any scale and dependent on the scale would indicate the costs. We do provide volume discounts and have a standard price model on our website.


Starling Bank's main goal was to create a revolutionary product to change the way we do our online banking. By simplifying the on-boarding process to a few steps, customers are able to sign up easily, with Starling Bank being happy with the results.

"As an integral part of our onboarding process since we launched, Ideal Postcodes has contributed a lot to Starling Bank's success. Their extremely reliable service has helped to ensure that our wholly digital onboarding process provides a smooth welcome to new customers."

John Maude, Chief Technology Advocate, Starling Bank

We also helped North Tyneside Council optimise their address database with UPRN data, which is an important identifier public organisations require to share data with other local authorities and private organisations.

"We have found the service to be extremely reliable, the customer service has been excellent, and the UPRN availability a very useful addition which we will be making use of."

Simon Smith, Lead Developer, North Tyneside Council

The UPRN data now allows North Tyneside Council to:

  • Easily exchange data and reduce the time and complexity of verifying other datasets.
  • Simplify organising and locating data quickly and efficiently on the internal database.
  • Share information with other councils and external organisations.