Idox Software Ltd

Idox is a specialist software provider. Our solutions power the performance of government and industry, driving productivity and a better experience for everyone.

Meet the Partner

Idox builds software for government, emergency services and industry to work more efficiently and comply with regulations.

For government, we deliver process driven software that underpins the management of planning & building control, environmental health and licensing procedures. This extends to GIS and data management solutions for environmental, conservation and countryside management that ensure the protection and preservation of our natural and built environment. In addition, we provide the most advanced cloud-based Gazetteer Management System (GMS) for creating and managing the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) and Local Street Gazetteer (LSG), iManage. Idox also helps manage elections, drive collaboration in social services and brings health service information together.

For emergency services, we provide a transformative, feature-rich Gazetteer Management System for cleansing, maintaining and sharing British Standard BS7666 address data, that is soon to be compatible with the OS’s Emergency Services Gazetteer (ESG).

We build facilities management software that enables the efficient management of property. And we provide exceptional address data management solutions for utilities and other large and complex organisations that require the accuracy of the OS’s AddressBase Premium dataset, with UPRNs and USRNs to underpin every location.

How they can help you

Idox’s software applications underpin the secure and efficient management of the following local authority service areas:

  • Regulatory Services
  • Local Land and Property Gazetteer and Local Street Gazetteer Management
  • Built Environment
    • Planning
    • Building Control
    • Land Charges
    • Estates Management
  • Public Protection
    • Licencing
    • Environmental Health
    • Trading Standards
    • Private Sector Housing
    • Anti-social behaviour

Idox’s Gazetteer Management System for emergency services drives efficiency in the following service areas:

  • Command and Control
  • Incident Management & Response
  • Location intelligence

Idox’s address management solutions for utilities and other large organisations underpin delivery in the following service areas:

  • Billing
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Switching (energy companies)
  • Smart meter roll out
  • Customer relations


  • The Idox Cloud platform has helped UK local authorities process over 45,000 licence applications in the past 12 months
  • Local authorities increased their levels of productivity by 37% with Idox solutions for Regulatory Services
  • Idox’s Built Environment software has helped UK authorities save up to 85% of time spent on administration.
  • Building Control inspections carried out using The Idox Cloud platform enabled the completion of over 267,000 building control inspection in the past 12 months.

"The migration to Idox’s cloud-based LLPG, iManage, was highly effective and well managed by the Idox team. The advanced technology makes it much easier to review and interrogate data, the tables are simpler to use, and we can access the information much more efficiently across the whole organisation."

Rakesh Kumar, Spatial Services Manager, Cherwell District Council

"To drive quicker deployment of fire crews on our vast network of highways, we needed to be able to segment our rapid transit routes into easily identifiable sections on our Bluelight gazetteer (Aligned Assets platform). Idox worked with us to develop this capability enabling consistent, named and SFRS-coded virtual street segment data to be shared across the three control hubs, ensuring we get the nearest appliances to the incident, in the quickest time possible."

Lynn Oliver, Gazetteer Watch Commander, Scotland Fire & Rescue Service (SFRS)

"Through using Idox’s Address Data Solutions (Aligned Assets platform), we’ve been able to link the UDPRN and UPRN, enabling us to completely remove the potential for erroneous transfers. In addition, we’re now uniquelypositioned to leverage the upcoming next-day switching project which is being underpinned by Aligned Assets technology."

Farouk Alhassan, Co-founder & CEO, Senapt Ltd