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JBA Risk Management is a leading provider of natural hazard modelling services. We are people with experience and great ideas which we deliver through exceptional technical expertise.

Meet the Partner

JBA Risk Management is the global leader in flood risk science. Our flood maps, catastrophe models and analytics cover 99.98% of the world’s landmass and are used by some of the largest insurers, reinsurers, financial institutions, property companies and governments to understand, quantify and manage flood risk anywhere in the world.

We’re part of the JBA Group, one of the biggest and best global flood consultancies, employing over 500 experts who work with clients around the world. Headquartered in the UK with offices in Asia Pacific, the US and Europe, our team is a collaboration of scientists who use their expertise to help keep us at the forefront of technical innovation.

JBA’s global flood data enables clients to understand flood risk to a property or location for informed decision-making during re/insurance, mortgage, asset/investment and disaster risk management processes.

JBA’s data is enhanced by our partnership with the OS. For clients who have their own OS licence in place, we can attach OS property UPRN data to our flood risk information, providing a more precise property-level view of the risk and showing which properties/locations may be more susceptible to flooding.

How they can help you

We offer a range of world-leading flood risk data for insurance risk selection, underwriting, pricing and portfolio management; reinsurance pricing, capital management, accumulation/ hotspot assessment and portfolio management; asset/ investment management; disaster risk reduction/ planning and more.

We can provide solutions for all customers regardless of the size of their operation, from start-ups to multi-national corporations, as we provide our data in a variety of different formats and via a variety of different licence arrangements, both directly from JBA and through our extensive range of resellers.

Cost varies depending on sector, size of portfolio, size of company and individual requirements. Licences can be provided on a pay-per-view transactional licence or via annual/ multi-year agreements, to meet a variety of financial requirements.

Global flood mapping

Extents and depths for flooding over multiple return periods. Consistent 30m coverage worldwide for river (fluvial) and surface water (pluvial) flooding, with 5m resolution coverage and/or bespoke methods in the UK, US, Europe, Australia, and Canada. Coastal flooding available in key locations.

Global probabilistic flood modelling

Large-scale spatial and temporal correlations of flood events and loss estimations. Consistent 30m coverage worldwide for river (fluvial) and surface water (pluvial) flooding, with 5m resolution coverage and bespoke methods in the UK and Europe. Coastal flooding available in key locations.

Pricing data

Location-specific flood risk profiles and loss estimations.

  • UK Flood Pricing Data – river (fluvial), surface water (pluvial) and coastal flood, 5m mapping
  • Canada Flood Pricing Data – river (fluvial), surface water (pluvial) and coastal flood, 30m mapping
  • Australia Flood Pricing Data – river (fluvial) and surface water (pluvial) flood, 30m mapping
  • US Flood Pricing Data – river (fluvial), surface water (pluvial) and coastal flood, 5m mapping – IN DEVELOPMENT

UK Climate Change Flood Model

Providing an estimation of future flood losses in the UK by 2040, under a realistic 2°C warming scenario, for river (fluvial), surface water (pluvial) and coastal flood.

Climate Change Analytics data suite

Providing a comprehensive view of future flood risk for every RCP scenario and 5-year time period from 2025 until the end of the century. Information available in GB for each UPRN.

  • Climate Change Index – a relative percentage change in future flood hazard
  • Climate Change Scores – an easy-to-understand flood score or colour rating for future flood hazard
  • Climate Change Pricing Data – climate adjusted pricing data


We recognise that there is no “one size fits all” approach to flood risk management and our international consultancy team can work with clients to meet bespoke requirements.


JBA’s team of scientists has provided leading flood risk data for almost 90% of UK insurers, six of the top 10 banks and lenders, and a large majority of firms in the home-buying process, alongside delivering data and bespoke projects for large multi-national firms worldwide.

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