Mapcite helps organisations and individuals access and use location data to find the answers they need through Location Intelligence, unlocking better decision-making and business advantages.

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Mapcite is based in the UK and Australia and has clients in most countries of the world – the company has developed unique software products that help visualise and analyse location data. These range in complexity and application, from tools that can be used within an excel spreadsheet, through to enterprise software products. Non-GIS experts are given the ability to visualise data on maps in minutes, perform geo-analytics previously the preserve of the specialist, or deliver to and collect intelligence using mobile devices, relevant to both the user and the location. Mapcite software unlocks new intelligence to enable better informed and more location-aware decisions, by combining large volumes of disparate data and applying geographic visualisation and analytics based on the client’s individual business rules.

How they can help you

Mapcite can broker the supply of all Ordnance Survey data and mapping services, either independently or as part of a customer-focused solution – with extensive experience offering these services to public and private organisations across the globe. Mapcite has a particular pedigree in financial services, counting some of the world's best-known banks and insurers in its client portfolio.

Location Intelligence is an increasingly important component of business intelligence because large proportions of data can be associated with a location, with potential to be enriched or linked with other datasets. However, this business data commonly requires renovation and enrichment before it can be successfully used. In addition to providing tools to analyse and visualise location data, Mapcite provides services to renovate data, linking it to a location or specific address and enriching it with other data.

The MAPCITE platform consumes Ordnance Survey data APIs and maps, rapid deployment of solutions that incorporate the range of premium Ordnance Survey products.

Mapcite works across public and private sectors, with particular experience in financial services.

Mapcite has clients of all sizes, from individuals to major banks. Mapcite software products can be licenced for an individual user from $10 per month. Corporate systems can range from £1,500 to £50,000+ per annum depending on use case and scale. Professional services and data would be additional to these charges.


Mapcite supported a Global ATM provider to enhance the location planning of ATMs. Through visualisation and analysis of competitors, alongside other drivers of cash withdrawal, Mapcite enabled the company to increase business by 1,000% in the first year, also achieving significant cost saving through ATM footprint reduction.

In the public sector, Mapcite solutions supported a local county council with planning for severe weather events. Location analytics and visualisation tools to interrogate key data sets and analyse the geography of the area highlighted which roads would be more vulnerable to frozen snow, ensuring a safer and more resilient community by unlocking optimal grit routes. The projected cost-savings from the solution fully converted stakeholders to the power of location data.

Mapcite has also helped transform workflows and improve customer experience for Health Provider call centres, helping members of health schemes to identify optimal locations to access tests or treatment. Mapcite provides a mechanism for call centre operatives to locate medical centres nearest to the scheme user, based upon the specific test required. It also helps them verify that the selected medical centre is suitable for the user based on its location and estimated drive time.