National Map Centre

National Map Centre is one of the oldest mapping retailers in the UK, trading since 1860. We quickly provide mapping to meet your needs. Our network of over 30 business satellites nationwide sell mapping, including planning application maps, to the public.

Meet the Partner

National Map Centre provides quick, comprehensive and cost-effective geospatial solutions for planning or professional mapping services.

National Map Centre is one of the oldest mapping retailers in England. Selling maps since 1860, it provides quick, comprehensive, and cost-effective geospatial solutions for the UK, whether for planning or professional mapping services. Its network of over 20 business satellites nationwide supply mapping to the public and private sectors. 

How they can help you

Established to meet the large scale mapping needs of the land and property sector, as well as individuals requiring OS planning maps for planning permission, National Map Centre has one of the largest networks of Ordnance Survey’s mapping and data centres.

National Map Centre sells OS MasterMap Topography Layer to consumers, whether public or private companies, or individuals. It also provides address-based and small-scale data to users.

Having developed its online portal, National Map Centre provides mapping to its business partner satellites as well as over 400 desktop mapping clients that can download OS data 24/7.

Its Planning Maps website, gives customers easy access to the planning maps that they need, within 90 minutes by email.

National Map Centre serves customers in the asset management, insurance, planning and logistics industries, as well as individuals seeking planning permission.

National Map Centre services are best suited to SMEs. The online portal is free to access for account holders, and competitive rates are offered for planning application mapping.

Their partnership with OS

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Premium Partner

We share OS Know-How with our Partners, helping them to grow their commercial offer whilst feeding back into the OS product and development roadmap too.


"Clarion has used National Map Centre for years. I contact them when I need larger downloads for our properties, and they do the work. If I want one property, I get the mapping myself. Always able to assist efficiently, it’s a pleasure working with them."

Tracey Fairbairn, Clarion Housing Group Ltd

"Terrific stuff!! Huge thank you for your super service."

Alan Rafter-Phillips, John Robertson Architects

"Truly appreciate your assistance and the prompt and wonderful service that you provide"

David, Planning Design Partnership Ltd.