Nimbus Maps

Nimbus® Maps is the most comprehensive, powerful, cloud-based off-market site search and property intelligence platform in the industry.

Meet the Partner

Nimbus® Maps is both a free and subscription software service which helps private investors, developers and property professionals make the best property decisions.

Our mission is to not only give you easy access to great land and property insight for every address in the UK but also show you how best to use it, tapping into our founders’ decades of property investment and development experience.

Nimbus® Maps has well over 50 useful benefits enabling users to:

  • Find the best locations for investment and development
  • Pick the best on- and off-market property opportunities
  • Maximise their development and investment returns
  • Optimise their chances of planning success
  • Increase the probabilities of making the most from a project
  • Avoid losing money on sites with problems
  • Unlock valuable information on every address in the UK at the click of a button
  • Save time and the guess work ascertaining boundaries and site areas

How they can help you

We have created a highly intuitive, map-based property data website that solves the industry-wide pain of repeatedly using in the region of 50 different sources to find and qualify off-market real estate opportunities, complete due diligence or find ownership details of registered and unregistered land – singularly or to a scale. Nimbus Maps is a combination of software and a service, using sophisticated machine learning, advanced mathematical techniques all filtered through over 15-year-s experience in the property industry. Nimbus is a property data nexus, and the fastest growing PropTech software in the UK, and it’s also free to access!

Over 1,000 different data sources including Ordnance Survey, HM Land Registry, Valuation Office and Environment Agency, can be linked to each property address giving users access to unprecedented quality information, beautifully visualised on Google Maps, Bing Maps and Ordnance Survey Maps, or downloadable in Excel and pdf files.

We also provide consultancy services to enable clients to scale up their site and property searching.