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Simsi global company which focuses on geospatial crime analysis.

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Based upon the criminological theory of Risk Terrain Modeling, our customers are able to compare the crime, harm, or risk which they know to be present in their communities against the fixed environment in which their citizens live, work, and play. With this data, they can move beyond traditional "hot spots" of problems, to identifying the context of why those incidents may be occurring as well as identifying other areas which are vulnerable to future crime - even if they have not yet experienced it. With 15 years of evidence based research and practical application in crime prevention, Simsi has further supported the private sector, non-profit organisations, public health, and defense in analysing how places can influence the issues which trouble your organisations.

How they can help you

Simsi's geospatial analytics platform examines how "Points of Interest" relate to the occurrence of crime or other harmful behaviours. Simsi further offers professional services to support effective crime analysis and the interpretation of analytics which focus on risky places in our Client's communities.

In order to facilitate place-based analytics, Simsi provides "Point of Interest" data for use in its SaaS application, RTMDx.

Our pricing is based primarily on the geographic area managed by the Client, with base pricing for a single geographic area at $24,000 (USD) to a national area at $101,000. Additional features or professional services may be added to a project scope based on specific Client needs. OS Point of Interest data is custom scoped based upon the number of Points of Interest available within a particular force / local government authority area.

Specialist areas

  • Crime analysis
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Crime prevention
  • Risk reduction
  • Risk mitigation
  • Risk terrain modelling
  • Data informed community engagement
  • Public health
  • Private security
  • Violence reduction

Solutions are best suited for police forces, local government authorities, private security consultants, and enterprise retail organisations.


"Our crime fighting strategy would not have been the same without RTMDx. Its common sense easy-to use platform made complex spatial analyses easy for analysts of all abilities. Best of all, the outputs and reports were seamlessly created, easy to understand, and actionable to our members."

Jonas Baughman, Captain, Kansas City, Missouri

"RTMDx has enabled me to analyze risky facilities at a larger scale than I could have done using traditional methods. With RTMDx I can examine multiple facilities across an entire jurisdiction to understand risk narratives at multiple hot spots in one reproducible task that can be tracked over time. "

Iain Agar, Crime Analyst, London Metropolitan Police Service

"RTMDx is so much more than a product or service — it offers an irreversible perspective on safety and risk that drives action and innovation."

Kris Andreychuk, Data Science Manager, City of Edmonton, AB