Stanfords For Business

Stanfords For Business supplies mapping and data products for planning and business use.

Meet the Partner

Stanfords For Business supplies mapping, height and aerial photography data for mainland Great Britain. They are an Ordnance Survey Partner - Premium Tier.

Established in 1853 by Edward Stanford, Stanfords is the UK's leading specialist retailer of maps, travel books and other travel accessories. It has been an essential first port of call for adventure and armchair travellers alike for more than a century. Stanfords’ rollcall of customers past and present includes such famous names as Amy Johnson, David Livingstone, Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Ernest Shackleton, Florence Nightingale, Ranulph Fiennes, Bill Bryson, Michael Palin, and even Sherlock Holmes.

Stanfords’ dedicated large scale mapping and data division, Stanfords For Business supplies mapping, height and aerial photography data for mainland Great Britain. It is an Ordnance Survey Partner - Premium Tier.

How they can help you

The Stanfords For Business Service Centre, a specialist map team in Manchester, offers same-day turnaround on all orders for planning application maps, large scale map data for CAD or GIS software, advice and guidance on product licensing and bespoke cartography services.

Stanfords specialises in Land and property development and planning, traffic management, event management, and land and property asset management.

Stanfords Portal is free to register and customers only pay for the map and data products they download as required.

Stanfords customers include members of the public submitting their own planning applications or creating bespoke maps for gifts, planning professionals, architects, surveyors, solicitors, Housing Associations and many more.

Stanfords Asset Management System (SAMS) costs include an annual fee to use the system and charges for OS addressing and data products as required to cover a property portfolio area. SAMS pricing is based on property portfolio size.

Their partnership with OS

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Premium Partner

We share OS Know-How with our Partners, helping them to grow their commercial offer whilst feeding back into the OS product and development roadmap too.


Stanfords For Business helps thousands of customers every month – providing mapping and data to deliver planning projects, event management, and traffic solutions.

Using SAMS Stanfords help its Housing Association customers manage their land and property assets. SAMS provides an easy-to-use solution for mapping properties and any associated asset data, land ownership visualisation, grounds maintenance measurements, savings and cost control.