Terrafirma translates complex risks into useful and intelligent information for professionals and the general public, with a deep-rooted and collective ambition to enable everyone to better understand the ground.

Meet the Partner

Terrafirma is a multi-disciplinary team of geologists, engineers and scientists providing innovative and industry-leading environmental information.

Terrafirma’s experts extract knowledge from information captured across centuries; from literature, maps, ground investigations, hand-picked data partners and more recently, from space.

Our highly specialised team uses emerging technology to synthesise this data with a deep understanding of geo-science, gaining insight into hazards that can disrupt property, land and infrastructure. We use our innovative technology for rapid assessment of issues such as historical mining, fracking, radon exposure and ground movement.

We believe in clear, actionable advice and specialise in concise, simple-to-use reports and data solutions, backed by Terrafirma’s professional team.

How they can help you

Terrafirma has pioneered a collaborative approach with data providers and clients to look for new opportunities to provide value.

We are proud to be the first commercial company licensed by The Law Society to produce an official CON29M Coal Mining report, and the launch of our recently updated Ground Report has established a new benchmark in conveyancing by encompassing all the key ground-related property risks.

We are focused on continually improving our services through research and development, using our systems to validate data by combining it with new information such as remote sensing.

We were the first company to incorporate satellite ground movement data into a commercial report, enhancing and validating our risk assessment in ways never seen before. Technology and collaboration have led to a new age of environment and land information, where we can react to the client’s bespoke requirements and translate complex risks or liabilities into accurate and clear advice.

There is huge potential to change the way information is provided within the conveyancing process, particularly environmental information, which has become stale over the past ten years with little innovation or advancement. This is where Terrafirma is investing our resources to positively impact the transaction process as a whole and advance the availability and quality of data.