Trimble Europe B.V.

Trimble provides industry-leading global positioning technology.

Meet the Partner

Trimble has been delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds for more than 40 years. Once the world’s first commercial GPS company, Trimble grew to be a world leader in engineering technology, with over 1,100 patents issued for GPS advances and a global reach that includes 36 research and development centers in 11 countries.

Trimble Positioning Services is recognized as a renowned division of Trimble and offers premium GNSS real-time correction services for any surveying need. From inventing VRS technology to revolutionizing Precise Point Positioning through the creation of Trimble RTX ® solution, we transform the way the world works, connecting the data you need with the tools you use.

How they can help you

Trimble offers a variety of services and delivery methods to suit any accuracy requirements, work environment or budget. VRS Now™ Instant access to real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections; no base station required. Accuracy: < 2cm Horizontal < 3cm Vertical CenterPoint® RTX High accuracy GNSS corrections available worldwide even in the most remote locations; no local base station or VRS network required. Accuracy: < 2cm Horizontal < 5cm Vertical