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What is Digimap for Schools?

Digimap for Schools is an intuitive, easy-to-use online resource, providing access to OS mapping of Great Britain, at a variety of scales.

It shares essential learning for your school to support the national curriculum of social studies, numeracy, literacy, and outdoor activities, and can be used for all age groups. Over 4,800 primary and secondary schools use this platform across Great Britain and beyond.

Resources include beautiful historical mapping from the 1890s and 1950s provided by National Library of Scotland, as well as cloud-free aerial photography provided by Getmapping.


Develop place and location knowledge for Great Britain and the world


Discover tools designed for schools to enhance geography and introduce GIS

On demand

Easy to use; cloud-based access with a single whole school login

How to subscribe

A subscription enables every pupil and teacher in your school to access the service, with no limit to the number of users. 

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