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Each year in November GIS Day is celebrated. Lots of events are run all over the world showing the use of geographical information.

In November 2019 Ordnance Survey ran an event for years 8’s, from three local secondary schools on how GIS is used, how data is collected and presented and how GIS can help make an informed decision. Below are four exercises we used on the day, we’ve made these available so you can run a GIS event at your school!

Run a GIS Day event

Dinosaur Apocalypse
This shows how GIS would be used in an emergency, in this case an alien invader reanimating dinosaurs!

A drawing game for two groups to show the importance of symbols on a map.

Digimap for Schools
Data uploading using Digimap for Schools, to view data that has been collected.

GIS for housing
Web demo using GIS to choose the best location for housing.