Licence exceptions policy

Ordnance Survey will endeavour to grant appropriate licences, but there may be circumstances when there are licence exceptions

Licence exceptions policy (PDF)

We will grant licences to suit your needs whenever we can. There will be times when we cannot do so.

We will work with you to make the most of Ordnance Survey (OS) data. When licensing our data, we carefully consider whether its use will be appropriate, legitimate and maintains our highest standards, in line with our licence exceptions policy.

Read our licence exceptions policy, listing the circumstances of licence exceptions.

Working in line with our fair trade policy

We treat all of our customers consistently, fairly, and respectfully, in line with our fair trade policy.

View our fair trade policy


Refusal or termination of licence

On rare occasions we may refuse or terminate an existing licence in line with its terms.

OS has the right to refuse or withdraw a licence. Where we may refuse to licence certain applications, we will always try and offer another solution for any applications. We will also always give a reason for rejecting an application.

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