AddressBase Islands

An addressing gazetteer offering full lifecycle information of a property for Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

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This product is updated every six weeks

Representation of data provided
Representation of data provided
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What AddressBase Islands provides you with

Addressing outside of Great Britain

For the first time, AddressBase customers can access over 1 million extra records complete with the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN), outside of Great Britain. Get a three-month free trial of AddressBase Islands data by signing up to our Data Exploration Licence.

Boost your marketing ROI

AddressBase Islands means you can run successful national campaigns - or build awareness in new markets, targeting households in properties converted into flats, for example.

Available in two versions

AddressBase Islands is available in two versions, allowing you to attach it to your existing GB AddressBase product, whether that's AddressBase Plus or AddressBase Premium.

Straightforward licensing

We offer the same style of licence for AddressBase Islands as existing AddressBase products. This ensures you can use your AddressBase Islands data in a consistent way across the United Kingdom and Crown Dependencies.

AddressBase Islands

Technical information

© Crown copyright and database rights. Ordnance Survey 2024


Use cases

Consistent property information

For major businesses offering household services nationwide, taking AddressBase Islands means you have consistent property information for Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man on tap from a single source.

Reliable records, in the busy call centre environment, your staff will always get results no matter where the address is located, and because our data's regularly updated, your records will be more reliable, too.

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Vector - Points
Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man
1:1250 to 1:10,000
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Additional information

Paying Royal Mail royalties as a commercial customer

Royal Mail royalties are included into the licence fee if you are already a Great Britain AddressBase product customer. Additional Royal Mail royalties will apply if you aren't an existing Great Britain customer.

Differences between the two AddressBase Island products

There are two AddressBase Islands products: AddressBase Plus Islands and AddressBase Premium Islands.

AddressBase Plus Islands contains current properties including addresses sourced from Local Authorities, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail, all provided with an UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number), for Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. The product enables the end-user to locate an address or property on a map using either X, Y coordinates supplied on a British National Grid or Latitude and Longitude coordinates provided on an ETRS89 projection.

AddressBase Premium Islands provides the most detailed view of an address and its lifecycle for Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. It has more records than AddressBase Plus Islands as it provides all the information relating to an address or property from creation to retirement. The product contains Local Authority, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail addresses. This includes provisional addresses (proposed planning developments), and historic information (demolished properties) where available.

Ordnance Survey addresses are added to the AddressBase Premium Islands product where necessary to ensure the schema meets the core AddressBase products.

Royal Mail's Postcode Address File

The Islands products contain Royal Mail's Postcode Address File. This is a vital component of both Islands products. Royal Mail information will therefore be present where a match can be made between the Local Authority address and an address from Royal Mail.

Data from Royal Mail’s PAF

The database is a vital component of the single address gazetteer database and is in each of the AddressBase products where there has been a match confirming the address to the LLPG address.

AddressBase Islands

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Key features
  • Addressing outside of Great Britain
  • Boost your marketing ROI
  • Available in two versions
  • Straightforward licensing
Addressing and location
  • Download
Data structure
Vector - Points
Update frequency
Every six weeks

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