Linked Data

The OS Linked Data service has now been withdrawn

For users of the geospatial data within the Linked Data service, we recommend a migration to the various API services provided by the OS Data Hub, which provides a broader and richer range of data, both OpenData and Premium Data, than the OS Linked Data service.

The OS Linked Data service provided access to 3 current and 1 withdrawn OpenData products; the last versions of the current products are as follows: 

OS Data Hub

In 2020, OS launched the OS Data Hub, our flagship data distribution platform which provides a wide range of services including downloads, APIs, error reporting and support. Since then, we have been migrating customers and products over to the OS Data Hub as well as working on the next-generation of our authoritative data, the National Geographic Database, now available through the OS Data Hub.

National Geographic Database

The National Geographic Database is available via the new OGC API – Features standard in the OS NGD API – Features service which allows for linking to single features, as well as a vastly improved data model to improve the developer user experience and advanced filtering capabilities. This next-generation of foundation geospatial data has also significantly improved data linkage across features using OS identifiers, UPRN/USRN and GSS codes as well as other external identifiers.

Legacy ontologies

For legacy usage and migration purposes we are continuing to provide the various ontologies developed for the service below:

Export Postcode Ontology data as:

JSON | XML | Turtle

Export Administrative Geography Ontology data as:

JSON | XML | Turtle

Export Geometry Ontology data as:

JSON | XML | Turtle

Export Spatial Relations Ontology data as:

JSON | XML | Turtle


We recommend that any users of the geometry and spatial relations ontologies migrate to the new OGC GeoSPARQL ontology which has standardised these two geospatial ontologies, thereby deprecating these two OS geospatial ontologies.

Any geospatial Linked Data Services should adopt the latest OGC GeoSPARQL Ontology and no longer use the OS geospatial and spatial relations ontologies.