OS Rapid Mapping

AI-powered map creation at scale

Accurate, adaptable, and authoritative mapping is a critical foundation for the delivery of essential services, such as emergency response, development planning, environmental risk management, and managing critical infrastructure.

However, if done manually, creating and maintaining the location data you need can be time consuming, and expensive.

Latest technology

OS Rapid Mapping combines the latest satellite imagery with proven artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Quickly generate high-definition maps, and ensure your maps remain current and up to date through automatic feature extraction, and change detection.

Mapping at scale, without the complexity

Avoid the need for expensive, complex, and time-consuming field surveys. Use available satellite data to build the mapping you need at scale and in a fraction of the time.

Ongoing accuracy

Automatic change detection will monitor the latest satellite imagery to highlight changes, ensuring your mapping remains up to date and accurate.

High-definition vector mapping

Access highly detailed mapping built to rigorous standards that can be customised to capturing the features and layers you need.

Automated mapping you can trust

You can trust and rely on the mapping OS builds to underpin the critical services you deliver, taking advantage of our 230 years of innovation, and role as Great Britain’s national mapping agency.

OS Rapid Mapping in action

Ordnance Survey plays a leading role in supporting location-based projects, both locally and internationally

For example, the Zambian government partnered with OS to rapidly build accurate maps of the capital, Lusaka. The city has undergone huge urban growth over recent years, including many large informal settlements which were entirely unmapped, and the mapping available at the time was not fit for purpose.

OS Rapid Mapping swiftly created accurate maps from satellite data, allowing the Zambian government to improve the quality of life of its citizens; by planning and delivering essential services, and assessing the risk from natural disaster in the new urban areas.


A phased approach

Our OS specialists are on hand to help you understand how OS Rapid Mapping can deliver the location intelligence you need.

Accurate automated mapping requires fine tuning of AI models to interpret satellite imagery of different environments. We operate a carefully phased approach, beginning with a feasibility assessment and proof of concept to finetune the machine learning, and ensure you get the level of accuracy and detail required.

When this is tested and trusted, we scale up. Once that’s complete, we move into ongoing change detection, to keep your mapping up to date.

Feasibility assessment

Proof of concept

Scale up

Multi-year operation

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