Governance and legal status

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Ordnance Survey Limited (company number 9121572) is a limited company incorporated in England and Wales. Our shares are 100% owned by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). We are a public corporation, as defined in Managing Public Money as “a trading body controlled by central government... that has substantial day to day operating independence.”

All references to ‘OS’ and ‘Ordnance Survey’ throughout the website relate to Ordnance Survey Limited, unless otherwise stated or unless references relate to events prior to 1 April 2015.

Our public task

Our public task statement defines the role and activites required of us by HM Government, for the purpose of the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulation 2015, and the EU INSPIRE Directive. It also contains information about our licensing model and approval and review procedures.

Public task

Our policies

We follow a number of policies to make sure we operate to a high standard.

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Copyright and database rights
Ordnance Survey Limited has a Crown Rights Agreement (PDF), which is a licence granted by The Keeper of Public Records, to make provision for the ownership and licensing of the copyright and database rights which subsist in OS mapping and geospatial data.

Request information

We publish lots of information about our organisation, including freedom of information and environmental information requests.

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Shareholder framework document

Shareholder framework document (PDF): this defines our role and objectives, and documents the governance and accountability framework that applies between us and our shareholder.

Company details

Official name: Ordnance Survey Limited
Company registration number: 09121572
Incorporated: 8 July 2014
Registered office: Explorer House, Adanac Drive, Nursling, Southampton, SO16 0AS