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To build more resilient societies, the world needs trusted location intelligence to help protect and preserve the environment against climate change. 

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Ordnance Survey at COP28

Donna Lyndsay, Strategic Market Lead at Ordnance Survey, talks about her aspirations for COP28 and how geospatial data is playing a vital role in tackling climate change.

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The role of geospatial data in the face of the climate crisis

Location data has never been more important in highlighting the impact of climate change. As part of British Government, we use our expertise and experience to enable nations and organisations to respond efficiently and appropriately to climate challenges.

Watch the video on location's role in supply chains

Discover how geography is playing a vital role in both understanding and optimising supply chains, working towards a more sustainable future. Donna Lyndsay, Strategic Market Lead for OS, discusses the concept, progress, and future of the Supply Chain Data Partnership.

OS shines a light on the environment

To resolve some of the problems caused by climate change, we need to monitor nature. To monitor nature effectively, we need to know where the problems are most likely to be. And to help people live sustainable lives, we need to see where the opportunities are to act. Ordnance Survey’s location intelligence is helping us adapt to and monitor nature, as well as hold governments and businesses to account.

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