Nationwide adopt the UPRN to optimise home purchase journey’s

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Nationwide Building Society, the second biggest mortgage lender in the UK, have implemented the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) into their digital journey to speed up the house buying and selling process.

Each individual postcode across the country covers an average of about 15 properties, but some postcodes can hold up to 100. UPRNs are a unique identifier for a single addressable location – a building, a house, an individual flat in a block, and so on.. In the property sector, where lending responsibly and making the right decisions are essential, this unique identifier has changed everything.

Essentially, the UPRN allows Nationwide to understand, at a letterbox level, where the property is and allows them to link other key data attributes to it. This means they can quickly decide how sustainable that property is and whether it is something they are prepared to lend on.

Robert Stevens, Head of Property Risk at Nationwide Building Society, said: “We’ve built a digital journey which allows us to make risk-based decisions upfront and the UPRN is the key to that.

“Adopting the UPRN allows us to make very quick decisions. If a property is at risk of flooding we want to know really quickly. By having the UPRN and linking that data we can say yes or no to customers very quickly, which is why it’s key to our decision making.”

To find out more, watch Robert Stevens discuss Nationwide’s digital journey, their adoption of the UPRN and their collaboration with OS.

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