Public sector licensing guidance

Learn how you can share geographic data with the general public, other public sector organisations and your contractors.

The member licence for both the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) and One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA) lets you share data with other organisations and people, such as MPs, councillors, schools and community groups. How members share OS licensed data.

See our quick guide to public sector licensing terms for a summary of what you can and can't do with OS data.

Public sector agreements & member licences
View and download copies of both agreements (PSMA & OSMA), the Member Licences, Contractor and End User licences and Royal Mail's PAF licensing terms. 

Licensing jargon
Understand some of the terms used in the licences, such as Crown copyright, competing activity and presumption to publish.

Copyright acknowledgements
When displaying or printing our mapping, you'll need to add a copyright acknowledgement. Find out which one to use, and when.

Understanding derived data & derived data exemptions
Find out what we mean about derived data and how members can get an exemption from the Member Licence for one or more of their derived datasets. 

Sharing your data with others
What you need to do when sharing your data with others, such as utilities, businesses and citizens.

Publishing information
Learn the essentials about publishing information in support of your public sector activities, meeting your obligations under the EU INSPIRE directive.

Working with contractors
Learn more about how you can share data with your contractors (and their sub-contractors) that are helping you with your public sector business.

Responding to enquiries
Here is some help on on how you can respond to various types of enquiry, such as Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulations requests; planning queries, other statutory requests for information, helping community groups, other general enquiries, etc..

Please note:

  • This guidance only applies to the use of Licensed Data under the Member Licence, our intellectual property rights and interests and does not supersede any third party IPR (such as yours or Royal Mail's).
  • This guidance doesn't apply to OS OpenData products and OpenData licence terms as, although they are available to Members, the Member Licences are not applicable.