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Advancing sustainability with geospatial

Geospatial information is vital for helping any organisation or nation reach its sustainability goals.

How to be more sustainable using geospatial data

Geospatial data helping drive net zero in 2021 and beyond

Geospatial data is crucial to driving net zero, supporting the roll-out of electric cars, planning renewable energy, managing climate change related flood risk and drought, and improving waste collection and recycling.

Using rivers to generate low carbon heat sources

New research published by Greenspace Scotland revealed how rivers flowing through towns and cities and greenspaces between buildings could act as a vital low carbon heat source to help Scotland achieve its climate targets.

Monitoring natural environments with Earth Observation data

Satellite data and artificial intelligence helps us monitor and adapt to climate change. Accurate data shows us detailed changes in the environment, helping us react quickly and be more efficient when it comes to planning.

Innovative sustainability trends

We're in a climate emergency. Our growing population is increasing pressure on our environment. Our planet is heating up and the climate is changing. Geospatial can play a key role in helping us act now.

Discover the latest trends in sustainability

Geospatial data for electric vehicles

We need to change consumer perception and facilitate further R&D amongst electric vehicle manufacturers but most of all, revolutionise the current road infrastructure and increase the number of EV charge points by at least tenfold.

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Download our reports on climate change

Download our mapping climate change report (PDF)

Mapping and monitoring our planet will enable innovative solutions for a sustainable world. Here's how we're applying geospatial information to climate challenges.

Environmental sustainability at Ordnance Survey

Global geospatial leaders unite at Cambridge Conference event to discuss climate change

Senior leaders from National Mapping and Geospatial Agencies across the globe met in September 2021 to discuss how location data can support climate change action.

OS awarded environmental management system certification

We're proud to have been awarded ISO 14001 Environmental Management System accreditation for our commitment to protecting the environment and reducing harm, pollution and emergency accidents at head office.