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Register for the PSGA

Public sector organisations can access our essential data and services when they register for the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA)

Most public sector organisations can register as members of the PSGA. And over 5,000 public bodies and organisations are already registered.

You need to register to activate your membership and get the benefits of the PSGA and OS data.

Check if you’re already a PSGA member

You can see if your organisation is already registered and check other organisations too using our search tool. Full and partial name searches will work. You can see a full list of members by leaving the box blank and clicking Search.

Find out if your organisation is already registered.

Register as a PSGA member

Please check your eligibility below before applying. You should read the PSGA Member Licence [PDF] before registering.

If your organisation is already registered, you can use this form to register for your own access. We will let your organisation’s PSGA lead (“Principal Contact”) know if this happens. You can contact us to find out your organisation’s Principal Contact.

Register now