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Register for the PSGA

A range of public sector organisations can access our essential data when registered for the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA).

Public sector organisations can register for the PSGA. Once registered, you can access OS data and data from third party suppliers such as Royal Mail.

Public sector organisations include those that are a department, agency or public body in England and Wales or are in the National Public Body Directory for Scotland.

Other public sector organisations such as emergency services, local authorities, and town and parish councils, are also eligible.

From April 2020, PSGA replaces the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) for England and Wales and the OSMA for Scotland.

All existing PSMA members are deemed to have accepted the PSGA Member Licence with effect from 1 April, to the extent that they continue to hold, access or use OS Licensed Data from that date from that date, unless they opt-out.

Find out if your organisation is already registered. You can contact us to find out the PSGA lead at your organisation.

PSGA members can download location data to help them deliver better services for citizens or make better-informed decisions on policy and processes.

You can read the PSGA Member Licence.

How do I opt out of the PSGA?

Members can opt out by contacting the PSGA Secreteriat

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