The Public Sector Geospatial Agreement

Providing the public sector access to our world-leading geospatial data

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What is the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement?

The Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) sets out how Ordnance Survey (OS) provides world-leading location data and expertise to the public sector across Britain. It supports the delivery of critical infrastructure and services, as well as working to help protect our environment.  

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What are the benefits of joining the PSGA?

The PSGA membership gives you access to our expertise and location data for the public sector across Britain.

  • Access unlimited OpenData and Premium data through the OS Data Hub

  • Join OS data with your own datasets to improve how our data works with yours

  • Share OS data with other PSGA members and third parties such as community groups and contractors

  • Get support from OS’ experts and technical resources to help maximise the benefits of using OS data

Access data

Unlimited OpenData and Premium data through the OS Data Hub

Share data

Share OS data with other PSGA members and third parties

Get support

Support and technical resources from OS data experts

Who uses PSGA data?

From blue lights to streetlights, more than 6,000 public sector organisations across Great Britain use our data for the public benefit. Access to our data has helped deliver local services through town, parish and community councils. It's even been used in preparation for smart cities, and building up environmental resilience.

Public sector organisations rely on OS’s location data to deliver critical infrastructure and services across Britain.

How do I access OS data?

PSGA members can discover and access OS location data, including addressing data, topographic data describing the physical features of the UK, highways, and much more - using the OS Data Hub.

The OS Data Hub is our data platform, it provides PSGA members the data you need in the format you choose to work with. Data can be downloaded, and where possible, APIs can be integrated with user software to enable direct access and allow your organisation to realise the benefits of OS data quicker and more cost effectively.

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What is the OS Data Hub?

Learn more about our data platform

Find out how to sign up through the PSGA, what data you can access and what you can do with it.

Success stories

Organisations using OS data successfully

Read some specific case studies that demonstrate the impact OS data has for different bodies using this service.

Is my organisation a member of the PSGA?

If you’re not sure whether your organisation is a member of the PSGA, you can use our member finder tool to check. If your organisation is not already a member, you can register your organisation, and start the process today.

Need some support?

Find out more about the PSGA registration process, onboarding and beyond

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