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Planning application maps

Get your large-scale planning application map from one of our partners.

You may be asked to submit a map with your planning application. OS Partners and outlets around the country provide large-scale planning application maps, ready for you to order online or find in store.

Find out more about our Partners, as well as where to find the planning application maps you need.


Use of HM Land Registry title plans in planning applications

HM Land Registry’s title plans are based on the Ordnance Survey map and are Crown copyright. HM Land Registry has no objection to copies of title plans being used in planning applications provided you have an appropriate licence from Ordnance Survey.

If you require a licence to use a title plan for planning applications, please contact Ordnance Survey at Alternatively, you can obtain a large-scale planning application map from one of Ordnance Survey’s Partners.

When considering a planning application that includes a title plan, the local authority may ask for confirmation that its use is licensed by Ordnance Survey.