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The OS Data Hub Public Sector Plan

The platform for PSGA members to access our authoritative geospatial data via APIs

By signing up to the Public Sector Plan on the OS Data Hub you have the opportunity to benefit from more efficient data management and transform how you work with OS using APIs.

PSGA members will be able to:

  • Access, track and organise your organisation's usage of OS Premium and OS OpenData APIs
  • Access OS Places API to verify data against the OS AddressBase Premium data set, only available on the Public Sector Plan 
  • Download OS OpenData (OS Premium data downloads will be coming shortly)
  • Access API documentation including overviews, getting started guides and technical specifications
  • Access to technical support (tier 1 members only)
  • Report data errors and omissions using the new Error Reporting tool, check if errors have already been reported and get progress updates*
  • Manage team and contractor access to OS data through your organisation’s Public Sector Plan account
*Some AddressBase and Code-Point Premium products (listed in the FAQs sections) will need to continue to be reported through the usual routes until they are added into the new tool later this year.


Here’s how using APIs can benefit your organisation

APIs are another way of accessing OS data. The overriding benefit of using APIs is that they make data management more efficient, saving you time and resources. An API gives you direct access to up-to-date data, which means you don’t have to spend time downloading and managing data.

Other benefits of using APIs:

  • APIs provide new ways of interacting with data e.g. enabling interactive web maps
  • You can use the same data across multiple applications to get a consistent view
  • You can automate your downloads
  • Trace over OS MasterMap features to derive new data

The suite of APIs can be used together within GIS or web mapping software applications.

  • Search tools and maps can be provided, and relevant features added in and connected
  • Linked identifiers can be used to pull in information from third party data sets
  • Feature attribution can be used to create location-based insight

Read our API documentation to help you get started 

Before you start using our APIs you should read the support documentation we have made available for you.  Here you’ll find our clear getting started guides specific to each API, which contain all the information you need to get you up and running, including the principles and instructions you should follow to make using our APIs as easy as possible. Go to Docs in the OS Data Hub to find out more. 


Our APIs have been tried and tested by OS Partners

Our partners have been using our APIs through the OS Data Hub since July 2020.  Here’s what some of them had to say.


“The PSGA has brought about faster and greater access to data in the form of OS APIs and the OS Data Hub. The APIs allow for direct and fast integration with these data sets and opens the door to developing more complex web mapping services for use internally or publicly.” 


"OS have invested a great deal of time and effort in the OS Data Hub, and we at Cadcorp have no doubt that it is a practical, sensible and desirable way of delivering OS data, and that it is here to stay." 

Teccura Software

"As developers, we rarely think about the API, which is perhaps the highest praise - it just works, and never causes us any issues. The OS MasterMap API layer allows us to have more up-to-date data than other systems, which often rely on physical data updates.”



How to sign up to the Public Sector Plan in just a few steps

  • Go to the OS Data Hub and select ‘Sign up’
  • Choose the Public Sector Plan
  • Enter your email address* and create a password
  • Confirm your details, and you’re ready to go
*You’ll need to verify your email address, please check your spam folder if you don't receive a verification code

Watch our video guide

Before you sign up

Invite members of your organisation to join your plan

If you are the Primary Contact for your organisation, you may be contacted by members of your organisation wanting to join your Public Sector Plan. To invite them you will need to:

  • Log in to OS Data Hub
  • Go to ‘Account’ (under your name)
  • Go to ‘Manage team members’
  • Hit the ‘Invite team members’ button
  • Select the role and enter the new user’s email address to invite them.
  • Hit the ‘Add team member’ button

An email will be sent to the user where they can sign up or sign in.

Watch the OS Data Hub webinar

Learn about the OS Data Hub functionality and capabilities and get detailed information on the new APIs.

Read the guide to APIs

Find out more about each of the APIs and how they make data management more efficient, saving you time and resources.

Get started with APIs

Work through tutorials and use copy and paste examples.

Register for our upcoming webinars

Find out how OS data and APIs can help the Public Sector

Health and Social Care

The need for accurate addressing data has never been greater for the health and social care public sector.


The environment is a huge priority for the public sector in the coming years as the UK was the first to pass net zero carbon emissions into law.

National Security and Resilience

Managing emergencies is a major part of the challenge of creating safe communities.


It’s clear from ‘The Planning for the Future’ White Paper published in August 2020 that planning reform would be a key priority for the public sector in coming years.


With government transport policy committed to getting people moving around quicker and safer in future years, the onus is on the public sector to adapt to meet those challenges.

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