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OS Data Hub for the Public Sector

The platform for PSGA members to access our authoritative geospatial data

The OS Data Hub provides PSGA members access to the data they need to enable and improve the delivery of critical public sector services.

Signing up to the OS Data Hub is easy

1. Go to the OS Data Hub and select ‘Sign up’

2. Choose the Public Sector Plan

3. Enter your email address* and create a password

4. Confirm your details, and you’re ready to go

*You’ll need to verify your email address, please check your spam folder if you don't receive a verification code

Sign up to the OS Data Hub


Downloading data

OS data can be easily downloaded from the OS Data Hub. For OS OpenData simply go to OS OpenData downloads and select the product and format you need and download. For Premium data go to Premium Data downloads, select the product you need, and create the data package you want to download.

Find out more about the products available under the PSGA and discover how using a geographic information system (GIS) will help you get the most value from OS data.


Accessing OS APIs

An API is a way of feeding data through the internet using a link. APIs give you access to the most up to date data available and will save you having to download and manage large data sets.

To use OS APIs you need to access the ‘API Endpoint address’ in the OS Data Hub. This is the link that will give you access to the data you need. Add the API Endpoint address to your mapping software to select and visualise the data.

1. Go to your API Dashboard in the OS Data Hub

2. Create a new project

3. Select the API you want to use

4. The API Endpoint address is made available

5. Copy and paste the API Endpoint address into your GIS

Find out more about OS APIs


OS Data Hub Error Reporting

You play an important role in keeping our location data as accurate as possible.  You can do this using the Error Reporting tool to easily report errors and omissions you find in our data.  

Go to ‘Error Reporting’ in the OS Data Hub and ‘Report incorrect mapping data’.  Follow the steps for reporting your first issue including identifying the type of issue, its location and description and submit.

Access OS data by signing up to the Public Sector Plan on the OS Data Hub.