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Who is using our data?

Find out which global businesses, sectors and projects are using Ordnance Survey data.

Our business sectors

Energy and infrastructure

Use Ordnance Survey location data to manage your infrastructure assets

Land and property

Use Ordnance Survey (OS) data to map, manage and monitor land and property.

Telecommunications network asset management

Improve your telecommunications network: maintenance operations and customer experience.

Mapping for commercial transport and streetworks

Easily schedule utility streetworks and manage logistic operations with our up-to-date, accurate location information.


Manage your underground and overground water assets efficiently with Ordnance Survey (OS) location data.

Commercial mapping for financial services

Use Ordnance Survey data to improve underwriting, price more accurately, reduce claims and identify risk.

Retail data mapping

Maximise reach within your market and go beyond postcodes to locate your customers.

Our data at work

Our Partners

We have a network of over 400 business Partners across a wide range of markets, who license our data to provide you with the perfect solution.

Supporting government

More than 5000 public sector organisations across Great Britain are using Ordnance Survey (OS) data for the public good.

Case studies

Discover how OS data is driving more efficient decisions in organisations like yours.

Innovation at OS

An integrated and connected world requires a deep understanding of place. We are enabling connected environments using our geospatial expertise.