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Telecommunications network asset management

Manage your telecommunications network better with more informed asset planning, efficient maintenance operations and improved customer service.

Know the type and density of every building. Our addressing data can support improved network planning and more efficient operations.

Improve broadband performance to increase customer satisfaction. Our location data helps you meet challenging customer and regulatory demands. It ensures your asset planning frameworks are up-to-date, accurate and reliable.

Our mapping data can help you optimise network roll-out, increasing the number of premises passed and improving return on investment. 

How telecom providers use OS data

BT connected to UK mapping data

BT needed a step change in how it received and consumed map data to help accommodate its exponential growth in Northern Ireland. This case study tells the story of how Ordnance Survey’s (OS) expertise helped to provide a breakthrough cost-effective solution.

All our case studies

Find out more about how OS can help your organisation save money and offer a more efficient service.

Mapping products for telecom providers

OS MasterMap Topography Layer

OS MasterMap® Topography Layer is the most detailed complete and current view of Great Britain’s landscape, allowing you to make location based decisions about your assets, risks and services.​

AddressBase Premium

Our flagship address database, AddressBase® Premium gives you up to date, accurate information about addresses, properties and land areas.

AddressBase Plus

Along with Royal Mail PAF data, AddressBase® Plus gives you up-to-date local authority addresses, multi-occupancy addresses and OS MasterMap TOID references.