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What diversity and inclusion means to OS

We’re all diverse. Want to be included. Feel equal.

We believe diversity and inclusion is about working together – in a supportive and respectful environment –to reach our full potential. We think combining different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives will help us reach our vision and be trusted and admired across the globe for setting the standards and leading the way.

Everybody at Ordnance Survey (OS) is joined in our shared responsibility to promote:

  • Respect for diversity
  • Commitment to inclusion
  • Celebration of difference

Our workplace culture is based on mutual trust. Which is why we take a zero tolerance approach to harassment and bullying, with a company policy outlining this stance.

A few words from our Chair, Stephen Lake

"I’m committed to making OS an inclusive place to work. Encouraging diversity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do, it brings huge benefits to the business and diverse teams create more value for our customers. To ensure we get the best people, we need to recruit from a wide and diverse talent pool.

We all need to challenge our inherent bias and it’s our responsibility to create the kind of environment that we are proud to work in, an environment where we all feel recognised, respected and valued."

Benefits of belonging

We have several groups to help us learn more about the benefits of accepting and including a diverse range of people in our workplace:

Our zero-tolerance to bullying and harassment, as well as our diversity and inclusion policies, help us all understand our part to play.

They help make sure we’re all respecting our diversity, are committed to including everybody, and that we’re celebrating our differences.

After all, we’re all diverse.

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