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Postcoder by Allies Computing is the API for AddressBase address lookup and form validation.

Meet the Partner

Allies is a leading provider of address and location technology with over 30 years of experience. Postcoder is Allies' flagship product, a powerful API for leveraging OS data across your organisation.

An OS partner since 2014, Allies has significant experience and expertise with the AddressBase product family, from data licensing to the data itself. Companies large and small have trusted Allies with their data quality since 1987.

Allies Computing is a 100% employee-owned company with a 100% remote team around the UK. The dedicated team offer unrivalled support to their 9,000 customers, who are "really pleased with the uptime and reliability of the service".

How they can help you

Postcoder by Allies is a powerful and secure API for address lookup using AddressBase.

Postcoder provides:

  • Address lookup, autocomplete and validation - harness the power of AddressBase Core and AddressBase Premium data in a single API. Return fully validated addresses.
  • Rooftop and street-level geocoding - rooftop accurate coordinates for next generation geocoding and location intelligence. Optimise the last mile of delivery.
  • Reverse geocoding - cross reference geocodes with your other data. Return UPRN and UDPRN to help you locate, match and gain insights from other data sources within your organisation.

Over 9,000 businesses use the Postcoder address lookup and validation technology to enhance data quality and improve user experience. Allies serves customers in a diverse range of industries including ecommerce, retail, and logistics, with particular experience providing addressing solutions to businesses across insurance, land and property, and utilities.

Pricing is pay-as-you go or monthly, starting at £25 with larger lookup volumes providing increased value for money. For enterprise customers that require higher volumes or quality of service guarantees, Allies offers bespoke pricing with volume discounts and enhanced SLA.

Their partnership with OS

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We work together to help customers extract the value of our world class location data through innovative geospatial services and solutions.


"Allies help us maintain a level of service that is always there for our 120,000 business customers."


"Postcoder offers a seamless integration with our services. It is very popular with our customers. We've been really pleased with the uptime and reliability of the service."


"It took us under a day to swap out our old system with Postcoder and we have been enjoying it ever since."


"Postcoder has been great; there has been a noticeable quality increase in our campaigns."

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