Ordnance Survey develops mapping policy with Oman's Survey Authority

Working with Oman's National Survey Authority (NSA) to identify where policy, process and standards can support future trends and technology

Working with Oman's National Survey Authority (NSA) to identify where policy, process and standards can support future trends and technology.

Oman’s NSA is solely responsible for producing and supplying geospatial data for the Sultanate of Oman, including all survey activities, as well as assembling and maintaining the Sultanate’s geographic archives.

Working with the NSA, Ordnance Survey (OS) produced content for a Geospatial Manual, reporting observations and recommendations to support NSA’s modernisation and give a better quality of life to its citizens.



Ordnance Survey supported the modernisation of Oman’s NSA, to ensure it remains geospatially fit for the future.

This involved meeting the following challenges:

  • Providing fundamental base mapping, used by governments at national level to underpin location related decisions.
  • Meeting critical requirements of the Oman National Spatial Strategy (ONSS) and the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), which includes the establishment of fundamental mapping of the Sultanate.
  • Helping to realise the Sultanate of Oman 2020 Vision, which has an estimated economic value of OMR 140 Million per year.
  • Delivering an online Oman Geospatial Manual to capture policies, standards and processes needed to survey, manage and distribute mapping information.
Roads in Oman


Ordnance Survey created the content for the Oman Geospatial Manual and built and delivered the technical infrastructure for its publication. The Manual provides stakeholders with an easily accessible set of policies and specifications for surveying, managing and distributing mapping information.

We successfully delivered the Manual and provided an accessible online reference for the Sultanate, on time and to customer expectation. An online application was also developed to supplement the customers’ existing online GeoPortal, providing military, government, commercial and citizen users with access to information.


  • Ordnance Survey helped NSA and the Sultanate of Oman Government realise the social and environmental benefits of modernisation, supporting the provision of high quality up-to-date geospatial data.
  • Other datasets can then be built and referenced on this (e.g. water, infrastructure and transport) to provide a good quality of life for the Omani population.
  • Increased awareness in the Oman geospatial community of the benefits of the Manual through successful stakeholder engagement.
  • The Manual will also enable NSA to demonstrate its vision as the lead authority in surveying and geospatial information for the Sultanate of Oman.

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"Making Oman’s National Survey Authority (NSA) geospatially fit for the future. The project was very successful with a high standard of quality, and NSA would not hesitate to work with Ordnance Survey in the future."

Saleem bin Abdullah al-Hashmi, Director of Geospatial Information, NSA

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